Water Experiences

Offshore Excursions

Interested in venturing beyond the cove? We can help. See below for our recommendation, or ask about other options directly by contacting concierge

Scuba Diving

Warm water, excellent visibility, and a vibrant underwater ecosystem make Las Catalinas the perfect jumping-off point for a dive excursion. Volcanic rock reefs provide a gathering ground for tropical fish, white tip reef sharks, rays, sea turtles, and -- when the season is right --  Giant Oceanic Manta Rays.

For the best diving experience, we recommend ConnectOcean. They have something to offer everyone from first timers 8 and up to the lifelong diver, with beginner certifications, charters, and even advanced trainings. Their signature Citizen Science dives offer the chance for certified divers to take part in conservation by documenting aquatic life and using Laser Photogrammetry to measure sharks and rays. All data collected is used in support of a Community Managed Marine Protected Area just offshore of town.

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Along the Coast

Feeling up for a journey along the Guanacaste coast? See below for our recommendations, or contact concierge if you’re interested in other options.

Sailing Aboard a Catamaran

Experience the coast of Guanacaste aboard a Catamaran Sailboat, surrounded by the gentle waves, warm breeze, and panoramic views of the coastline. We’ve got two particular favorites -- a research day with ConnectOcean’s Intertidal and Coral Reef Explorer Course, or a Casual Sailing trip.

ConnectOcean’s Intertidal and Coral Reef Explorer Trip combines two programs into one day, exploring coves, beaches, reefs, and tide pools on the Guanacaste Coast. There’s a shore excursion, multiple snorkeling sites, an optional dive, snacks, fruit, and an open bar.

For a more social gathering concierge can organize a casual sailing trip. Departing just after lunch or breakfast, these private trips are times of connection and relaxation perfect to celebrate an occasion or simply relish time out upon the sea. Evening cruises bring a sunset over sea as memorable the first time as the fiftieth. Snacks, drinks and cocktails provided aboard.

Transit Time: 20 Minutes
Length of Tour: 4-5 Hours

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Ecosystem Expeditions -- Artisan Boat Mangrove Tour

ConnectOcean’s Mangrove Explorer expedition is a deep look at one Costa Rica’s most ecologically important environments. Journeying into Las Baulas National Park in a local artisanal boat, the tour explores the mangroves from the water, using the maneuverability of the shallow-bottom vessel to explore areas beyond the reach of normal watercraft.  
Mangroves serve as a natural nursery for much of the country’s marine life, and a home for many of Costa Rica’s species of birds, monkeys, fish, and reptiles. It’s a vibrant hotbed of life, and you’ll learn about all of these creatures in their natural habitat thanks to your private naturalist guide.

Transit Time: 35 Minutes
Length of Tour: 4-5 Hours

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Mangrove Explorer 1
A Day Around the Cove

Some of the best experiences are available only a few steps away from your front door. See our selection departing straight from Playa Danta.


Warm water, gentle surf, tropical reef fish, and spotted eagle rays await you among the rock reefs of Punta Penca, Danta, and Dantita. Venture out with mask, fins, and snorkel to see for yourself.

Equipment can be rented from Pura Vida Ride outfitter.

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Stand-Up Paddle Board

Sheltered from the wind and with access to near-shore islands, the bay beyond Playa Danta is perfect for a paddle outing. With gear from Pura Vida Ride, set out to explore the coastline, catch some waves, or enjoy SUP yoga in the bay.

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Kayaking on the Cove

Kayaking is a great activity for two. Work together in a two-person craft, or venture out in a pair of singles to experience the wildlife and natural beauty of Potrero Bay. Clear, warm water and gentle wave conditions make this a memorable and fun adventure.

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